Chlorine Water Causes Cancer

Chlorine Water Causes Cancer and Even a Heart Attack.  Discover methods of Eliminating it.

Chlorine Water Causes Cancer?  There have been many researchers who have studied the effects of chlorine on the human body.  They have determined there is a certain link between Chlorine consumed and heart attacks and even cancer. Researchers discovered that chlorine byproducts trigger harmful free radicals in the body and inhibit other cellular processes.

Chlorine Water Causes Cancer, especially in drinking water. This causes the most damage. However, cooking and bathing in Chlorine can also expose you to negative health effects.  Keep in mind, the lungs and skin can be just as sensitive as internal organs.  However, pain relief of most any kind can be warning signs.chlorine water causes cancer

The method of utilizing Chloride in our drinking water and bath water has been used since the 1800s, although it didn’t become a standard until the early 1900s.  Chlorine Water Causes Cancer and it should be taken seriously.

It’s utilized primarily because it is the cheapest way to disinfect large amounts of water. However, it is not SAFE.  In fact, using chlorine in water is like pouring bleach in it.

If you’re drinking water with Chlorine then you can be elevating your risk of Cancer by up to a SHOCKING 93%.

A 1960s book by Dr. Joseph Price called “Coronaries Cholesterol Chlorine” was one of the first publications to expose the connection between chlorine and a higher risk of stroke and heart attack.

chlorine water causes cancerAnimals who were NOT exposed to water with Chlorine were not affected. However, those that were showed definite signs circulatory or heart issues.

The toxic chemical in drinking water affected chickens exposed and evidence of overall poor circulation as well as drooping in their feathers, lethargy, and visible shivering.

By contrast, animals not exposed to chlorine show better growth rates and much more vigorous overall health. (This is an indicator that pets and farm animals should also be given non-chlorinated water)

Unpopular truth: The trouble with trihalomethanes

Trihalomethanes are the chlorination byproducts that form when chlorine that has been added to drinking water binds with other natural biological compounds in the water. The trihalomethanes then cause free radical production in the body, which leads to accelerated cellular damage and a much higher risk of cancer and heart attacks.

Some scientists believe these chlorine byproducts are the main cause of many of the cancers and heart disease experienced by human beings today.

The EPA and the Environmental Defense Fund label chlorine a pesticide, since its main purpose is to kill living organisms.
  However, chlorine continues to kill when it gets inside the human body, causing damage to the cells and systems. It is also a catalyst for cancer.

A Hartford Connecticut area study found women with breast cancer had at least 50 percent higher chlorination byproduct levels in their breast tissue.

A Hartford Connecticut area research study discovered women with breast cancer had at least 50 percent higher chlorination byproduct levels in their breast tissue.  Toxic chemicals in our water supply can be the culprit for many human ailments including dementia.

Exposure through the skin and lungs increases risk

Again, drinking bleached water isn’t the only problem. Taking chlorine byproducts in through the skin and lungs during a hot bath or shower also increases exposure.

It is estimated that a steam can contain as much as 50 times the chemicals found in water, and inhaling the fumes pulls the hazardous chemicals chlorine water causes cancerdirectly into the bloodstream.

Fortunately, water filtration can help to remove unwanted chemicals and the resultant trihalomethanes from drinking water.

A simple home water purification system allows you to have safe, clean, healthy water at all times, and electricity is not required to operate the system.  Chorline water causes cancer and it has been tested and proven that chlorine damages the human body.

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