Celery Cures Cancer

Is it Possible that Celery Cures Cancer?

celery cures cancer

(HealthPro365.com) This might be shocking news, but it’s true. Celery cures cancer?  There is one thing we know. Celery contains a cancer-fighting ingredient and many people say it could cure cancer.

Unfortunately, cancer has become an epidemic in our world.  Most people know that cancer is a multi-billion dollar business for big pharma, but we do not have to play their game.  Do not be foolish. Many foods can help prevent cancer and many researchers are saying celery cures cancer as well.

Most people know that cancer is a multi-billion dollar business for big pharma, but we do not have to play their game.  Do not be foolish. Many foods can help prevent cancer and many researchers are saying celery cures cancer as well.

We can use natural ways of treatment without the high cost of unnatural cell-killing drugs.  More and more foods are being discovered to help cure people of this horrific disease that claims so many lives.  Thousands of people are waking up to more natural methods.  Many times cancer can create pain and pain relief is necessary.  Here is a natural pain reliever that has worked wonders for many people.celery cures cancer

Celery is packed with essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.  Cancer researchers have discovered it’s impressive power to prevent – and even treat cancer
as well.

Celery will fight Cancer at Molecular Level.

Celery cures cancer because it has a natural ingredient called “Apigenin”.  This is the secret ingredient that actually fights cancer.  This test has proven time and again. Apigenin has been found to inhibit the initiation, progression, and metastasis of tumors.

Apigenin fights cancer at every stage – with multiple mechanisms of action. This versatility is important because it may help to cure some patients who are unable to benefit from a single chemopreventive compound.

This is How Apigenin prevents, suppresses and even reverses cancer.

celery cures cancerAngiogenesis – the growth of new blood vessels to nourish tumors – is an important process in the growth of cancer. Apigenin has been found to inhibit or stop angiogenesis, thus starving tumors of blood, oxygen, and nutrients that causes growth.

Researchers discovered that apigenin has caused dramatic effects curing cancer. Celery cures cancer in pancreatic cancer cells because it deprives them of glucose, which is needed to fuel cancer’s rampant growth.

Apigenin also interferes with molecular signaling, decreasing the production of chemicals needed by cancer cells.

New review of research confirms anti-cancer effects

Extensive animal studies on apigenin published in 2016 in Journal of Cancer Protection, the authors credited the flavonoid (in celery) with diverse and powerful chemoprotective qualities and effects.

Research studies found that it is suppressing the progression of prostate cancer, causing a marked reduction in carcinomas, slowing cancer cell proliferation, reducing levels of pro-inflammatory molecules that can trigger cancer, promoting apoptosis and decreasing blood vessel growth to tumors.

Concluding that apigenin is beneficial in both the prevention and treatment of many types of cancer, the review authors called for more clinical studies.  Of course, research on apigenin’s stunning anti-cancer effects is ongoing.  Naturally, if you have any kind of pain related to your health, then you should not suffer.  Here is a great natural pain reliever.

Celery is naturally a low-calorie food too.

Celery is a “negative calorie” food – eating and digesting it burns more calories than the food provides. This is untrue – although it is true that at a mere 6 calories a stalk, celery is a true low-calorie food. But, it is probably this false belief that has led to the perception of celery as a food with no nutritional value.

Celery is a nutritional food celery cures cancerand it is TRUE that it is good for you! Do not take the medicinal effects of eating certain foods to help prevent cancer. Researchers have determined it can cure cancer and it is possible celery cures cancer in many areas of the body.

Celery, scientifically known as Apium graveolens, is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, folic acid and vitamin K – as well as the minerals calcium, copper, iron, zinc and potassium. It also contains potent antioxidants, including caffeic acid, ferulic acid, and quercetin, along with healthy amounts of dietary fiber.  Discover additional nutritional facts here.

And, apigenin is not celery’s only chemopreventive constituent. Like its close relatives carrots, parsley and fennel, celery contains cancer-fighting compounds called polyacetylenes. Celery is also water-rich as well as nutrient-rich, meaning it can help stave off dehydration.

CELERY can be a powerful weapon in your arsenal of natural cancer-fighting foods.